Indiana Seal FacilityIndiana Seal began as Cen-Tec Manufacturing in 1981, and it was founded by Ralph G. Mitchell, an executive who was generally regarded as a true pioneer in the plastic plumbing industry. “Mitch” combined his nearly 35 years of experience in such diverse fields as design, manufacturing, marketing and sales to capitalize on the potential of a growing industry that was dependent upon just a handful of low-pressure coupling suppliers.

By August of 1981, Cen-Tec had already outgrown its facilities, and the company moved from a 2,000 square-foot building to a new location that offered 3,700 square-feet of space. However, the space was still not enough to meet the rapidly growing demand, and Cen-Tec moved to a new location in Carmel, IN just one year later and officially changed its name to the Indiana Seal Company on July 17, 1983.

Now a major supplier to the plumbing industry, Indiana Seal continues to accelerate its production and service. We offer a complete line of couplings for clay, cast iron, ductile iron, concrete and plastic pipe– and with sizes ranging from 1 ¼ – 27 inches, we’ve got the perfect fit for any job. Constructed of tough, yet pliable PVC, our couplings hold strong against hazards like sewer gases, chemicals, fungus growth, various soil conditions, roots and other in-ground dangers that can lead to leaks and breakdowns in your system. Every coupling is produced and inspected under strict quality control standards to guarantee the highest degree of integrity at any junction in the line.

Indiana Seal Company: a remarkable story of one man’s vision…the dedication and talent of those who continue his pursuit of quality and service…a story of unparalleled growth. The story continues with a new partnership with GPK Products, Inc., the leading manufacturer of PVC fittings. Together, these two industry leaders will offer unmatched customer service and a complete product catalog to meet all our customers’ needs.

Indiana Seal has the perfect fit for any job, and you can find that perfect fit here by browsing through our full product catalog.