Friday, August 5, 2011

GPK Products / Indiana Seal is please to announce its newest product for the sewer and drain industry. If you are concerned about shear failure and pipe offset, then our new product will help to reduce these issues. “Shear Guard” by Onset Pipe Products, Inc. will improve pipe alignment and reduce shear failure for various types of pipe, including clay, cast iron, SDR35/26 for sewer, ABS, and PVC SCH40. The ease of installation along with reduction in costs for other methods will make this a product a solution for most applications. It simply slides over the Indiana Seal flexible coupling that is included. It currently is available in 4” and 6” with the 8” through 12” being developed at GPK Product / Indiana Seal headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota. Click here for an informational brochure. For technical and specification information you can visit the Onset Pipe Products website at